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If you have ever walked passed a building where the exterior walls have been waterproofed and insulated and wondered what it was Joe Morgan Jersey , you were looking at product called EIFS, or exterior insulation and finishing system. You may have thought the material to be stucco, or even a ‘synthetic stucco', but EIFS is not stucco.
Stucco is an non-insulating substance, centuries-old and made of aggregate, a binder and water. It is hard and dense and thick. EIFS, on the other hand Jed Lowrie Jersey , is a lightweight synthetic cladding made from, in part, plastic insulation. Stucco is a generic product made from common materials; EIFS are proprietary, made from a specific EIFS producer using specific components. As such, there are several forms of EIFS, the most common being barrier EIFS. Another is known as an EIFS with drainage. This is a barrier EIFS which has been modified to allow water drainage.
Basic EIFS includes just the insulation and EIFS materials. You can also find EIFS which include a drainage cavity, plastic edge trim and water-resistive barriers. Items like wall framing Glenn Hubbard Jersey , caulking, sheathing and flashings are not considered part of the technical definition for EIFS, although architects have begun including such items as part of the EIFS scope and so installers of the product have been required to perform this work as well.
To install EIFS, a contractor attaches the material to the outside face of an exterior wall either with an adhesive or with fasteners. Supporting walls should not be done in open framing style, rather flat and continuous.
The composition of EIFS consists of three layers installed in the following order:
1) A layer of plastic foam insulation is attached. The foam comes in sheets 2' x 4' in size and with a thickness between 1” to 4”.
2) After that, a reinforced layer is attached to the face of the insulation with a trowel. This layer is a mesh reinforced with fiberglass and embedded in an adhesive made from cement. The mesh comes in various weights and sizes and foam and the mesh are commonly called the base coat.
3) A final finish, or top coat Dennis Eckersley Jersey , is used. This is a colored material, textured and paint-like. A wide range of colors are available as well as numerous texture options, including smooth, rough, embedded stone chips, even treatments that look like brick. This last layer is applied with a finish trowel, floating the materials.
EIFS make up about 10% of the wall cladding market in the US. Producers sell both nationwide and regionally through specialty building product distributors who then sell the product to local EIFS installers.
As the industry matures and technology advances the product Dave Henderson Jersey , studies have found that EIFS outperform all other types of moisture protection and thermal performance. Also, EIFS costs less, is greener on the environment and has a higher energy rating than traditional stucco. One benefit of EIFS is the ability to add architectural details such as moldings. Used

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