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LONDON adidas superstar 2 tilbud , June 24 (Xinhua) -- Tourism chiefs announced Saturday they have released an interactive map to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book next Monday.

VisitBritain, the country's official tourism office, is celebrating the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by showcasing what makes Britain a magical destination for international tourists.

The interactive online map highlights magical sites across Britain which have inspired some of the world's greatest literature and legends, from Harry Potter to Sherwood Forest, famed as the home of Robin Hood, and the legendary King Arthur to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster.

VisitBritain Director Patricia Yates said: "From Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland where the Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express travelled adidas superstar sort tilbud , to Professor McGonagall's classroom at Durham Cathedral, to exploring the Forbidden Forest at Warner Bros Studio, Harry Potter's Britain is the stuff of magic."

"Harry and his wizarding world continue to hold generations of readers from across the globe spellbound, firing up imaginations and inspiring people to explore locations and landscapes and experience the wonder themselves."

Attracted by culture and heritage, overseas travellers who visit Britain's castles or historic houses spend more than 10 billion U.S. dollars annually exploring cultural venues.

Film and literature are also powerful motivators for travel, with more than a third of potential visitors to the UK wanting to see places featured on screen adidas superstar hvid tilbud , says VisitBritain.

VisitEngland has named 2017 the Year of Literary Heroes to shine the spotlight on England's literary destinations and anniversaries. Anniversaries include the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's death, the 125th anniversary of the first Sherlock Holmes book, and the 75th anniversary of Enid Blyton's Famous Five.

Latest statistics for 2017 show that there were a record 11.8 million overseas visits to the UK from January to April, up 11 percent on the same period in 2016. Overseas visitors spent nearly 8 million dollars during the period, up 14 percent.

Xi stresses enhancing rocket launch, test capability

Xi urges efforts to eradicate extreme poverty

Rescue work underway after SW China landslide

Aerial view of Tianmu Mountain natural conservation area in E China

Midsummer Day marked in Estonia

Scenery at Bamboo Sea scenic spot in southwest China

Giant pandas "Meng Meng" and "Jiao Qing" to settle in new home in Berlin

In pics: terraces in NW China

HANOI adidas nmd xr1 tilbud , June 19 (Xinhua) -- According to Vietnam's new regulation designated to prevent spams, mobile phone subscribers in the country must submit their portrait photos to services providers.

New postpaid and prepaid mobile phone subscribers are supposed to provide their personal information and a portrait photo of themselves, while existing ones to add the photo, according to the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority on Monday.

After April 24, 2018, if existing subscribers still do not supply telecommunications firms with photos and accurate personal information adidas nmd runner tilbud , the subscribers' contracts will be terminated, and the service providers will be fined.

Millions of spam messages are sent a day, mostly from prepaid mobile phone subscriptions which are not registered, or registered with false personal information, so the new regulation is aimed at reverse the situation, as well as to prevent swindling adidas nmd r2 tilbud , said local officials.

By the end of last month, Vietnam, with a population of some 95 million, had 15.3 million fixed phone subscribers, and 119.7 million mobile ones, said the authority under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Mainland committed to cross-strait exchanges: top political advisor

Fresh food from China's inland transported through Shenzhen into Hong Kong markets

Angela Merkel signs condolences book for former German Chancellor

Death toll in Portugal forest fires rises to 62

Weekly choices of Xinhua photos

In pics: terrace fields in northwest China's Ningxia

In pics: Mount Jiuhua Buddha College in E China

Students graduate from Civil Aviation University of China

A number of college students have participated in a program to document oral histories of the great famine of 1959-61 adidas nmd r1 tilbud , an experience that they say has given them chances to rediscover their home villages and inspired them to care more about their development.

A site where makeshift furnaces of the Great Leap Forward (1959-61) era still stand in Zhangye, Gansu Province. Photo: IC

Li Jinjuan is a typical member of the post-1990s generation, fascinated with Japanese animation, male pop idols and computer games. But what she did last winter made her stand out, as she tried to connect with a chapter of China's history rarely spoken about in the country.

On her winter vacation, 24-year-old Li adidas nmd human race tilbud , a student at Shantou University, turned her camera on elderly people living in her hometown, Shanju village in Guangdong Province, to map out what happened during the famine which ran from 1959 to 1961.

"No one ever told me about the great famine, as if these things never happened," said Li. In about half a year adidas nmd city sock tilbud , she managed to interview 25 villagers.

Li said she got the idea of documenting the history of the famine in her village when her teacher introduced the Folk Memory Documentary Project, a program encouraging people to return to their hometowns to record people's stories of that time.

Wu Wenguang, a prominent documentarian and initiator of the Folk Memory Documentary Project, told the Global Times that there are huge gaps in domestic books about the country's recent history. "For the great famine period, most people in.

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