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A group photo of the Hebei Handan underwater hockey team taken on May 6 http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/thibaut-courtois-shirt-kopen.html , 2015.[Photo by Hao QunyingAsianewsphoto] A group photo of the Hebei Handan underwater hockey team taken on May 6, 2015.[Photo by Hao QunyingAsianewsphoto] A group photo of the Hebei Handan underwater hockey team taken on May 6, 2015.[Photo by Hao QunyingAsianewsphoto] An underwater hockey team member surfaces to take a long breath on May 6, 2015. [Photo by Hao QunyingAsianewsphoto] Hebei underwater hockey team members discuss strategies and techniques during training on May 6 http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/blank-shirt-kopen.html , 2015.[Photo by Hao QunyingAsianewsphoto]
Under the calm water, a group of people with simple diving equipment are holding hockey sticks, passing the ball and shooting.

They surface only when they need to take a breath. Due to the need for holding one's breath for extended periods of time, underwater hockey requires strong physical and psychological support.

It's not just hockey - it's an extreme sport. In China http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/aangepaste-shirt-kopen.html , a growing number of people have been joining this sport.

In the summer of 2013, Meng Tao established an underwater hockey club in Handan city, north China's Hebei Province, and membership now exceeds 600. He says his first encounter with underwater hockey came from diving. After hearing news about the first China Cup Underwater Hockey Championship match in Beijing on May 9 http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/ , 2015, Meng said he started to think of building a team to participate.

Meng's idea quickly got support among the underwater hockey enthusiasts, and the first underwater hockey team in Hebei province was established within only a few days.

Among the 24 team members, people come from different occupations including teacher http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/adnan-januzaj-shirt-kopen.html , policeman, hairdresser etc. What brings them together is their enthusiasm for diving.

In the swimming pool in Handan city, where the players have been training, a group of people with an average age of 30 will jump into the water and quickly dive to the bottom of the pool. Each person holds a stick http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/christian-kabasele-shirt-kopen.html , and with great effort chases a ball on the pool bottom. From time to time, participants rise to the surface to take a long breath and dives down again to continue the battle.

As underwater hockey requires smaller sticks and a heavier ball, and the game is a newly-developed sport, finding proper equipment to play the game is a major problem. The game has popularity in some foreign countries http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/laurent-ciman-shirt-kopen.html , so Meng asks friends abroad to purchase the equipment for the team.

Meng says despite the team being established for only three months, the players want to take part in the championship to learn from other teams and enjoy the camaraderie among their fellow underwater-hockey players.

During the first year of a baby s life they rapidly transition through numerous stages of development. Development of communication and interaction is often the most exciting. As a newborn your baby will primarily communicate through reflexive cries to indicate they are hungry, tired or uncomfortable. Over 12 months this communication develops into a responsive intentional use of first words such as mamma or daddy . The ability to communicate is essential and the following is a guide of age expected development in the first year of life.

6 Months

By 6 months old your baby will squeal in delight when he sees his mother or father. He has become very responsive when he recognises a familiar adult, possibly smiling http://www.voetbalshirtbelgiewk.be/nacer-chadli-shirt-kopen.html , or moving his arms or vocalizing to people talking to him. Your baby is soothed by you holding or rocking him and has become a little more discriminating between familiar and unfamiliar adults. By 6 months of age your child should demonstrate the following skills:

* Startle in response to noise,

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