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The great gang at Priority One has an awesome new interview with Dan Stahl. There is a tons of stuff there, unrelated to the Foundry. So, it is a must listen.
Listen here, and consider supporting Priority One’s PayPal.

I’ve taken some time to write up a transcript of the Foundry-relevant parts of the interview. Here goes.

Stuff Daniel Stahl said:

You mentioned the Foundry… it was really good to work with those guys. You know those guys were working on Star Trek and introduced the Foundry in Star Trek Online last year. So, being able to sit down with them and look at the Foundry and how it’s being developed for Neverwinter (and how it’s going to eventually benefit in Star Trek) was really a blessing, so I really enjoyed working with those guys and really trying to identify the strengths of the foundry and how it’s going to fit into Neverwinter and Star Trek. So, there is some stuff there that I can talk about…

On experience with old NW tools:

The barrier of entry was really high, and it was challenging to make something that was easy to make and fun to play. I mean, it seemed like there was great stuff that people make, but I was incapable of doing it. So, one of the things I’m excited about is looking at the Foundry and the success we’ve had with Star Trek… if you carry that over to D&D, for example, you can start to imagine the power that you have, to have a simple toolset where you can quickly make a dungeon, quickly populate it, set up patrols, and figure out exactly where the traps go… All of that stuff and, in addition, tell stories, you can imagine that the Foundry is going to be just an awesome part of Neverwinter, and that’s something that I’m excited about. I’ve played around with it quite a bit, and there are some great features that are coming with Neverwinter that are going to benefit Star Trek Foundry as well. So, we’re excited about that.

General comment on season 6:

My number one goal right now is to make sure that season 6 has the right stuff.

On character customization:

When I was working with the Foundry on Neverwinter, we were looking at the customization options that were there, really trying to understand what we can do and what sorts of sliders we can open up for the Foundry. It very well may be that we can carry some of that over to the player characters. But, a lot of it requires a lot of data setup to make sure that all of the options that are available fit the aesthetic in the end. We’re not going to allow players to make broken characters that have holes in their faces or something like that.

More on Foundry, relevant to season 6:

I’m glad people are asking about the Foundry, and, obviously, I have a little bit of leg-up on information here, because I was working specifically on the Foundry when I came back in December. One of the things that we’ve done, and this is definitely something that is going to benefit all of our games, is the fact that we recognize that having one small core group of people just work on Foundry and try to support it across multiple games isn’t working. So, what we’ve been doing is been training up additional software developers, producers, and content people to be able to support the Foundry per game. So, we have now a dedicated software person who is getting in and understanding the Foundry code, and can fix Foundry issues, specifically for Star Trek, so that we don’t have to wait for the core team that’s working on Neverwinter to get to our bugs or resolve our issues. We actually can support ourselves now. In terms of content/new features, one of the things that I am really pushing for (and hopefully, we’ll get into the game) in addition to all the awesome work that’s been done to interiors and some of the stuff you’re going to see in Neverwinter (which is just amazing)… is being able to bring a lot of those features back over to Star Trek. So, some of the things that we were doing on Neverwinter involved having an interior editor, and being able to do patrols, pathways, and different behaviors in interiors… being able to have a little bit more control over dialogue and behaviors within the types of conditions that you can set on triggers. A lot of that stuff is stuff that’s in there.

Also things like being able to put doors in locations other than just where the preset doors said you could put them, being able to make different kinds of interiors or maps based on new door types.

Also, a bigger feature and one of the things that I’m excited about is this idea of Foundry Spotlights: How can we reward Foundry missions better, and how can we get more Foundry missions featured? If anything comes out of my time on the Foundry, I certainly hope that we start to focus more on featuring Foundry and allowing Foundry authors who make great missions to have their content more discoverable and have it focused on, and to be able to reward people playing those missions, offering new types of rewards for those players… those are things that are definitely in the mid-term coming and possibly as soon as season 6.

But, one of the long-term features that I’m really excited about is this idea of Foundry Featured Episodes and being able to string your own episodes together and have your own dedicated campaign page, for lack of better words, or have… your own featured episode tab, for example, and make their own images and descriptions for their chain of episodes that you could actually play several missions back to back as part of their own ugc featured series. So, I think things like that are things that I’m excited about with the Foundry.

I’m not going to spoil too much, but once we get closer to season 6, we’ll definitely start talking about all of the stuff that we’ve been able to port over from the Neverwinter efforts going on as we go to the new code base….

There’s a lot of really cool stuff that the tools can do, and it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to bring a lot of that code over to our game, and there’s just so much stuff to do there. I’m really glad that we have dedicated resources on Star Trek to be able to dig into all of that, make sure it works, but then also making sure that we put some content effort into making sure that we’re having the right reward system and that there is a way to feature great ugc content.

More on Foundry Stuff, relating to questions that Dstahl enjoys asking:

Can the community create Featured Episodes? Is the content that is made in the Foundry… does it rival? Is it better than the content that we can make? If so… if that’s true, how can we support it? And how can we make it feel like it’s a Featured Episode Series? How can we have good rewards? How can we feature it in the mission journal the way that we do Featured Episodes? How can we put our weight behind it, and say, “This is awesome content. You really should play this. It’s a series.” How can we set it up like that?

So, that’s something that I’m very eager to see happen, if that’s true, because there is some great Foundry content out there… Obviously, there’s limitations to what can be done in the Foundry. But, moving forward, that’s something that I really want us to focus on and see if we can do something in that arena…

You have to ask yourself the question: Is there awesome content in the Foundry? Is it not a shame that it’s not promoted better? What can we do to fix that?

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