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We are all born without fear of water; this fear or anxiety is something which some of us develop as we grow up. We can all remember one time or another seeing a baby happily swimming http://www.realmadridsoccershop.com/Authentic-Toni-Kroos-Real-Madrid-Cf-Jersey/ , it never having occurred to them that they may sink. To an adult, their own fear seems so silly when they watch the children around them jumping quite happily in and out of the water. And yet that fear is only too real.

People describe their fears in different ways. Someone told me the other day that he somehow thought that his body was just not designed to float, that he in fact experienced a "negative buoyancy". He acknowledged the impossibility of this and yet was still constrained within the grips of this erroneous thought process. He knew that it wasn't right, knew that if you are in the bath you can just let go and your arms and legs will naturally float to the surface, and yet his expectation was still that of "negative buoyancy".

I was struck with this rather unusual phraseology. Most people would just say that they had a fear of sinking. But this gentleman was quite specific in that his physiology suffered from "negative buoyancy". This in actual fact served to complicate his issues. You may ask why I say this http://www.realmadridsoccershop.com/Authentic-Theo-Hernandez-Real-Madrid-Cf-Jersey/ , so allow me elaborate upon this point.

If you just think that you have a fear of sinking, you are basically saying that the problem is entirely in your mind. By thinking that you suffer from "negative buoyancy" this implies that you have a physical problem and that no matter how you may choose to think you would not be able to overcome this physical disability. It was interesting to note that despite thinking that he had a physical problem he was still open to the idea of hypnotherapy...so perhaps he wasn't actually as convinced of the potential physical causes of his inability to swim as his words implied.

Needless to say, everyone's physiology is similar in that it is indeed naturally buoyant. I merely use this as an example of the way in which one can convince themselves of a reason for their fear. Most people prefer to seek a physical cause as opposed to a more mental one. This is often found in those who are afraid of flying; Almost everyone with this fear will say that they are afraid of the plane crashing...and yet they feel comfortable allowing their spouse and children to fly...which of course they would feel anything other than happy about if they thought the plane would crash.

It seems that we like to seek an acceptable reason for our fears and in this way justify them in our own mind, and to those around us. But in doing this we spend a lot of time deepening our fears and embedding them further within our psyche. And whatever we spend time focusing upon creates an expectation. These expectations invoke powerful emotions which in turn attract whatever we are focusing upon into our reality. Our fear, and justification of it http://www.realmadridsoccershop.com/Authentic-Sergio-Ramos-Real-Madrid-Cf-Jersey/ , creates a cycle of negative effect.

To break this cycle, one must have an open mind, a willingness to examine one's beliefs, to look at things from a different angle. Ask yourself the question "what if everything you thought was wrong was in fact right?" and vice-versa. If you have a fear, although you may have convinced yourself that it has a physical cause http://www.realmadridsoccershop.com/Authentic-Raphael-Varane-Real-Madrid-Cf-Jersey/ , be open to the idea that it may instead be a result of an erroneous thought process.

No matter what fears you have they can be overcome with a little bit of help. Hypnosis is the ideal

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