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CANBERRA Rush Pat Tillman Jersey , June 15 (Xinhua) -- Small food businesses in Australia have raised concerns that the introduction of new food labeling laws could send them broke, with some saying the mandatory repackaging associated could cost "millions of dollars."

Following an outbreak of hepatitis-A from foreign-sourced berries in 2014, the federal government announced plans to introduce a law requiring food packaging to clearly show the origin of ingredients and the proportion of Australian ingredients, meaning businesses would need to repackage their products.

The laws are due to be enforced next year, but those within the industry have raised concerns that it could cost too much to do so, with some saying it could send businesses broke.

Brookfarm Muesli's Pam Brook told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Thursday that her 70 products would all require repackaging, something she said could cost up to 500 Cheap David Johnson Jersey ,000 Australian dollars (378,000 U.S. dollars).

"The idea is great. I completely agree with the idea that people want to know where their food comes from, but the execution is terrible," Brook said.

She said that it was unfair that small producers are slugged, while mass producers of "junk food" are exempt from the laws, as the government said consumers were not concerned with the origin of the ingredients of junk food.

"The execution isn't transparent to consumers. It places an unfair burden on small and medium manufacturers and it lets importers and producers of junk foods off scot-free," Brook said.

Meanwhile Food South Australia's CEO Cheap Pat Tillman Jersey , Catherine Sayer, said the laws would not only harm industry bottom lines due to once-off repackaging, but sometimes seasonal foods required ingredients sourced from elsewhere, meaning the proportion would differ throughout the year.

She said as a result, some businesses, especially "value"-based food producers, would struggle to make money as they would spend it on complying with the new rules.

"Sometimes there is a lot of butter in Australia and sometimes there is not David Johnson Jersey , so companies have to look overseas to purchase some of their ingredients," Sayer told the ABC.

"That is fine, but the country of origin labeling will not take that into account and you have to lower the average of Australian content overall, which then makes the product look like it is not from Australia."

"It just gets a lot harder for the industry, a lot more expensive, the further up the value chain you go," she added.

Businesses will be required to comply with the new laws by July 1 Pat Tillman Jersey , 2018.

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Soldiers participate in "Saber Strike 2017" exercise in Estonia

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HOHHOT, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Burenjargal generally rides a horse instead of a motorcycle, restoring the centuries-old tradition of his ethnic Mongolian people.

"Riding a motorcycle was once quite fashionable on our grasslands. But now horse-riding is back," said Burenjargal, 34 Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hats , a Mongolian herder in Bolgen Sumu on the outskirts of Xilinhot city in northern China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Burenjargal has loved horse-riding since childhood and now raises 60 horses on his grassland. Last year, his revenue from selling horse milk, and tourism, reached 200,000 yuan (29,000 U.S.dollars).

A traditional stringed instrument that looks like a horse's head, a Matouqin Cheap Arizona Cardinals T-Shirts , hangs in Burenjargal's house. And he has many other horse- related ornaments.

Horses are important in Mongolian culture, which has more than 300 words for horses and a further 200 just for their color.

However, the number of horses owned by herdsmen in the region has fallen from 2.4 million in 1975 to less than 700,000 in 2007.

"In the past, breeding horses was not profitable. During my childhood, horse-loving families kept one or two horses. Others just sold their horses and bought motorcycles and cars.

"Today, as part of the culture our ancestors have passed down Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies , horses become a source of income for herders.

"More people raise horses, to preserve the endangered horse culture or increase household revenue," Burenjargal said.

In 2011, the region set up three breeding bases for Mongolian horses with a total investment of 18 million yuan per year to preserve Mongolian horses.

Such protection efforts have seen the number of horses in Inner Mongolia increase 25 percent in a decade, reaching 880,000 last year.

Horse-related events are also increasing.

Altanoqir, another young herder in the same township Customized Arizona Cardinals Jersey , has won a dozen awards in various horse-riding contests.

He lives with his parents, who are raising 300 horses. The family plans to host tourists from big cities this summer.

"Despite the increase, more effort should be made to strengthen the protection of Mongolian horses," said Manglai, a Mongolian horse researcher.

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Chinese submersible Jiaolong descends to 4 Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys ,811 meters in Mariana Trench

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